Monday, 16 September 2013


So, maybe I'm going to have to start missing out the number in the title of these posts, since I seem to be 'In Praise Of' a lot of things. But for now, here is #005 - another sugar-sweet piece that makes me feel as if I have mislead people when I have said I am usually an all-black-ensemble-type [I promise it isn't a lie, see here for proof]. That said, a penchant for black does not mean I am not just as likely to fall in love with many things that make me feel feminine and pretty. Case in point is these shoes from Whistles.

Shoes// Whistles

I love the finish of the calf hair. In my opinion it can add a understated bit of delicacy and luxury to any piece. It isn't as showy as fur but can add a glossy sheen to many different garments and accessories. If you are wearing is quite plain then it is often a change in texture that adds interest to the outfit.

At 225GBP I, as a student [and moving and starting a new course has been the reason for my hiatus] they probably aren't top of my shopping list, but more specifically as a fashion student, this counts as research right?

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  1. Such a gorgeous design.